Saturday, 14 July 2012


 ‘The Street That Never Sleeps’ was originally known to the masses as The Burial Ground Road during the British era. The so called ‘Food Street’ of Kolkata was later renamed The Park Street as it runs through the once existent deer park of  Sir Elijah Impey(Chief Justice of the Supreme Court at Calcutta reigning from 1773-1789). The Kolkata Municipal Corporation later rechristened it as the Mother Teresa Sarani in the year 2004 as an honorary tribute to Mother Teresa.
Since genesis occurred at the Burial Ground Road, it has been constantly evolving from The Asiatic Society to The Park Hotel to the latest facebook status update on The Park street page!!! Whether it’s the indomitable spirit of the music maniacs at the Someplace Else or the pioneers in production at The Saint Xavier’s University, Park Street never tended to lose its panoramic charm. It’s a kaleidoscope of life rotating among different forms ranging from mindboggling music to good food, from colourful fiestas to good wine, from season’s best baked bread to the Christmas carols. Park Street takes you through a roller coaster stroll of what not you can even wonder!! This street is a well defined conjunction of the west and the east, of music and dance, of Satyajit Ray and Aparna Sen, of Trincas and Barista and much more than can be fantasised in any other street under the sky. You call it the Entertainment hub or you call it the Carnival corner, you name it the Scholar’s room or the Commercial complex, words fall short, phrases shy away and adjectives fail when deciding the apt definition of this lively street in The City of Joy. Lending smiles to joys, hues to colours, rhythm to music, lives to life, wings to butterflies, Park Street is the candescence donor to the incandescent.
Drastic is the word that describes the change of the street right from the very 1940s to the present day scenario. Park Street is the place where the ultimate night life of Kolkata is placed. Whether it’s the decade of the 1970s or the 1980s or times even before that scrolling down to the 1940s, Park Street has always been the most dynamic host to the most prolific,musical,extravaganza night life of our lovely city. Till date it has successfully managed to be the best dining district of Kolkata with varied restaurants and pubs such as the evergreen Trincas or the city’s grilling plate Bar-B-Q!!! Want to have a slurp of the delicacies at the fast food outlets??Then there’s the McDonalds or the Barista!! And if along with being a foodie, you are the novel hunter, then there’s the Oxford Book Store treat for you!!!!Isn’t it very much like Aladdin’s genie??You name it and Park Street presents it!!!
Park Street is where souls intertwine, where dreams dare to dream, where illusions fantasise, where fog lends the warmth, where the rain quenches its thirst, where the eyes speak!! Park Street is where the heart lies!!

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