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Old is Gold or obsolete??Which is one is more preferred real or the remix??
Let it be any aspect, different people have got their own distinct opinions. While some people feel that the old and classical songs have their own heart caressing nature whereas some say that the brand new renditions are far more refreshing!
Before going further, first of all we need to question ourselves, why this sudden concept of old vs. new has bumped into our minds. One may promptly answer “Generation gap”.
Our parents, forefathers have their eardrums attached to renditions by Madanmohan, Pancham da or even Pt. Jasraj. Most of them are simple annoyed when they listen to music of the present days. Even they hardly show any interest in the present day culture. Whereas on the other hand the present day generations have very little interest in the music and movies of the yesteryears.
This difference in opinion, shall never have a vanishing point and shall continue endlessly.
But, as the old saying goes that every matter, big or small has its own dignity. Hence, old or new, real or the remix, whatever it may be, we first need to understand the significance of each of them.
For example, when a newly married bride enters her in laws home, don’t the people arise questions regarding her adjustments in the new environment?  But the same girl, after a couple of years becomes the breathe of the house. Russian vodka or wine, isn’t it that the people prefer the one that is the oldest??
“OLD IS GOLD”-But why??
Analytically speaking, for today’s generation the old is precious. Yes! And that’s because the cultural and social life in the yesteryears was quite different from today’s date. There were birth of certain ethics and values that have been carried out till today but some were lost in the evolution of time and space. And speaking of music and movies, everything was mostly subtle, soul soothing and meaningful.
And what is actually old?? Something that does not belong to our present age. The rocking remixes tomorrow shall become old for the next generation. A matter can be considered old only for its future generation and not for the time when its born. Things, taking birth now, are as per today’s time and taste. It shall remain static and on high demand as long as it caters to the mood and tastes of the people. The day it loses its much gained popularity, it becomes old.
But anything that is old has witnessed a certain time and space. Old matter is the greatest evidence of the past days. So how come it’s obsolete??it helps us rejuvenate the lost times and tastes. And that makes it as precious as Gold.
But does that mean that new is vulgar?? Not at all.
The basic fact is, whenever a new culture or matter pops up, people are a bit apprehensive regarding accepting it as a validated property. People remain in suspicion regarding its longevity. It does take time to get absorbed by replacing the old.
 New is never bad. The society makes it such. When the great philosopher and social reformer, Raja Rammohun Roy fought against Sati system and raised voice for women education and widow remarriage, the society didn’t accept it at one go. When women from the Tagore family started riding horses, going to school and long voyages, the society condemned their acts as filthy. But later, history is evidence to how the same society made the same people their idols and joined hands in reforming further the Indian society.
Yet the society is not to be blamed. Anything new can never be accepted at once until and unless it proves its validity, its actual worth and when it gets adapted to time and becomes capable to stand up to the expectations of the people, it gets easily accepted.
Now coming to music, these days remix versions are always a hit. But that doesn’t mean that the old day songs are obsolete!
The fact is that originality is in itself always unique as it has come up as something new at some point of time has been accepted by the people for its newness and anything new is unique. Once reformed and changed at some beats, it becomes a remix. And considering the varied tastes of the present generations, fast, upbeat tracks are always a hit list. It shall not be considered a nuisance until and unless, it, in any ways tends to tamper the dignity of the original rendition. And what can one expect more of it when it is catering to the needs of the people without destroying the beauty of the original rendition??
And as already mentioned above, real, the original is always unique and distinct. And as a unique piece, when it becomes old, it’s considered gold. The concept of remix has now been readily accepted by the people. The society is no more apprehensive regarding acceptance of such remix matters. And when these get soaked with time, it’s quite obvious for tomorrow’s generation to consider the same remix renditions as gold.
Ultimately, for the time being we can state that the old or the new, the real or the remix-all of them coexist with each other. These are very much interlaced and interdependent upon one another where the essence of one cannot be understood with the absence of the other.
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